CM Academy enriches church

By Ranganai Dzotizei 

Harare East District held a successful Connectional Ministries Academy on January 25 at Cranborne United Methodist Church with a genuine call made for the church to harness the spirit of learning and consolidate on the quadrennial strides to make disciples.

The exercise drew representatives from the district’s circuits in committees such as evangelism, Christian education, history and communications among others.


The first presentation was delivered by Mr Basil Muzorewa who touched on the impact of Christian education on discipleship with much emphasis on the importance of Sunday School on today’s church.

The presentation looked at aspects like the impact of Christian education on children, discipleship, church, pastoral work and on section leaders with a poignant statistic being that the growth of the church’s membership has been driven by Sunday School programs.

The presentation’s take home value was that the world will be a better place to live in due to Christian education and discipling.

District Director for Connectional Ministries Rev Oscar Mukahanana presented on the topic “The Concept of First Fruits in today’s church in reference to Scripture”, stressing that among many things we do thanksgiving as an act of obedience and that we should give cheerfully to God.

He gave a distinct comparison of the concept in the Old Testament and in the New Testament saying giving in the Old Testament was a ceremonial act but not an act of faith whilst in the New Testament it was an act of sacrifice.

The last presentation came from Reverend Simon Matara who focused on the aspect of worship in the United Methodist Church in which he dwelled on the principles that govern worship and its components as well as define the United Methodist Church’s unique way of doing things.

Some of the components of worship he touched on include entering and enjoying God’s presence, listening and responding to God and each other’s needs and lastly fellowship.

District Superintendent Rev Joseph Bonga, in his closing remarks, implored on the district to keep focus on making disciples and cultivating the spirit to learn.

“Preaching produces a convert but teaching produces a disciple. Never give up making disciples. Get into the lifestyle to learn,” he said.

The academy was a productive and lively one with attendants leaving the Cranborne sanctuary equipped and inspired to exert more energy to move the church in the right direction and growing in faith.


"Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Matthew 28:18-20